My Favourite Australian Online Shop Is Asos

All About Eve from Asos
All About Eve from Asos

It is hard not to fall in love with Asos. Apparently, Asos now sells more fashion clothing to Australians than any other stores and yet it is a UK bases online chain. I love to buy Australian but for those great prices and 3 day delivery to Sydney, I am happy to pretend that Asos is an Australian store.

I am not alone in this love affair – it’s actually hard to find someone who hasn’t ordered from Asos lately. You get free delivery to Australia for orders over $30 and they deliver super-fast (usually within 2-3 days). This is a far superior value compared to David Jones and Myers which seem to be stuck in old ways. It’s hard to believe that Asos can deliver from UK within 2-3 days, provide you free shipping and still maintain prices that are a third of what Myers and David Jones like to charge us.

If you are new to Asos, you first have to know the difference between Asos own brands and other fashion label brands they carry. Asos has a wide range of own brands and they are comparable in quality with all the big names. These brands are where you save loads of money and I am talking about $10 dresses (better in quality than $100 ones at Myer), $20 pairs of jeans, $15 shoes and other crazy prices like this.

It’s important to look for Asos sales but they keep coming throughout the year. You just have keep checking their website or Facebook or some of the deal sites that publish Asos updates.