Tips and Tricks to Feeling Wealthy Even When You’re Not

You may not have a thick wallet full of cash to do whatever you feel like but you can fake it til you make it. Regardless of how much money you make, you’ll feel a whole lot wealthier when you have some cash stowed away. Find people that will buy the luxuries you can’t afford, save your money through various means and stay fabulous. The feeling you get from doing fabulous things will get you in gear for your own wealth, it’s a modern law.

  1. Have One Martini at the “Spot”. As part of the strategy to make you feel wealthier than you are, go out to the spot where all the rich people hang out. You may spark up a conversation and the next thing you know, you’re invited to a party on their yacht.
  2. Ghetto Diva Nights In. Invite your “real” friends over and get them to bring food and drink with them. Never let your rich friends know of these gatherings and never invite them. Ever.
  3. Coupons and sales are Your Friends. For events you want to go to in order to meet your new wealthy acquaintances, you can maximize your bucks by finding online coupons and shopping from Boxing day sales events.
  4. Surround yourself with the Right People. You may not be wealthy so get yourself some rich friends. They can cover the bill of costly appies and top shelf beverages.
  5. Buy Cheap Sexy Shoes. It’s better to have a whole bunch of cheap, trendy sexy shoes than to have one nice pair. If your soles are killing you, you can stuff insoles into your cheap shoes. The purpose here is to really get yourself a guy with more money than you. It’s about resourcing here.
  6. Get a Personality. You need to be that person at a party who’d indispensable. Funny, charismatic and all the things to distract people from the fact you’re a total leach.
  7. Be Conscious of Your Office Perks. If your job isn’t going to pay you well, it’s ideal to work in a place that has leftover deli food after meetings. Free coffee too.
  8. Do yoga at Home. Seriously, yoga memberships are a major expense and it’s pretty unlikely you’ll find a wealthy guy to buy your drinks there.
  9. Look Your Best Always. Have lots of trendy outfits that aren’t pricey.
  10. Wear high heels everywhere.
  11. Don’t chintz out on makeup. This is an investment and your ticket to other people’s wealth.
  12. Invest in the best hair products money can buy.
  13. Make friends with a good hairstylist. She will care more about your hair plus she can get you discounts on good hair products.
  14. Seriously, put 20% of your cash flow away and focus on someone else paying for your luxuries.
  15. Date many men at once and be allusive, you get more out of them that way.
  16. Be happy in public always. You attract people that way and get what you want.
  17. Be a coat check girl for an exclusive club. You’ll have access to wealthy people plus they’ll tip you big.
  18. If you don’t have a good job, have many jobs. Get all the benefits in a few different places like 3 Christmas parties with open bars.
  19. Never use public transit. Make sure you live within walking distance of all major amenities. You’ll save money and also having to carry all of your things all the time. This will give you killer legs. Cut that gym membership out of the budget!
  20. Never admit to not being able to afford to do something, instead make up an elaborate excuse as to why you are too busy and take a rain check.
  21. No meat! That’s an overly simplified way of saying each cheap. Meat is expensive, don’t buy it. Just pretend that it’s some fashion diet.